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Kangaroo Care: Nature’s Best for Your Baby
(20 minutes)  
Dr. Barbara Morrison, PhD (2007)
Kangaroo Care: Nature’s Best for Your Baby is for parents. This video, with a run time of 22 minutes, can be shown during childbirth and breastfeeding classes, at lactation centers and private offices, on in-hospital educational channels, or for private use.

Summary of DVD:
Kangaroo Care: Nature’s Best for Your Baby was developed for expectant and new parents. Kangaroo (skin-to-skin) care starting immediately after birth is introduced as baby’s ultimate first habitat, where they will stay warm, have easy access to food, and receive the nurturing and protection needed for optimal transition to life outside the womb. Benefits of Kangaroo Care for both baby and mother are highlighted.

Kangaroo Care: A Crash Course
(multiple sections, ~4 hours)  
Dr. Barbara Morrison, PhD (2007)
Kangaroo Care: A Crash Course, a 4-hour program, presents the evidence for skin-to-skin care starting immediately after birth for healthy, full-term infants. Designed for nurses, health care professionals, and other family providers, this DVD program can be early, educational step toward changing practice (CEU credits pending). 

Summary of DVD
Kangaroo Care: A Crash Course is a 4-hour workshop for health care providers and others concerned with helping newborns and their parents have the most adventitious beginning to life as a family.

In 6 chapters the following subjects are discussed:
1. History of skin-to-skin and kangaroo care,
2. State of the science of kangaroo care,
3. Positions and policies of national and international organizations regarding kangaroo care starting at birth,
4. Habitats, hormones, and the physiology and psycho-social implications of kangaroo care,
5. Interruptions to the breastfeeding dyad – creating a habitat conducive to breastfeeding on the first postpartum day, and
6. Implications of kangaroo care at birth and during the postpartum period for individual caregivers.

The chapter format will facilitate staff’s ability to complete the program in multiple shorter sessions. (CEUs pending)

Kangaroo Care: An Overview (45 minutes)  
Dr. Barbara Morrison, PhD (2007)
Kangaroo Care: An Overview is an introduction to Skin-to-Skin, a.k.a. Kangaroo Care, for nurses, health care professionals and others wanting to help families get off the right start. 

Summary of DVD
Don’t have much time but want to plant a seed? Kangaroo Care: An Overview presents kangaroo (skin-to-skin) care as newborns’ essential initial habitat outside the womb providing warmth, nutrition, nurturing and protection.
Highlights of the literature provide evidence for the safety and efficacy of kangaroo care for all newborns full-or pre-mature. (CEUs pending)

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