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Consulting & Education Services
Barbara Morrison,
Founder & CEO

Phone: (316)440-3790
Email: Barb@DrBarbCNM.com

  • Workshops: 1/2 and full day or more
  • Education sessions & state of the science updates
  • 20 hour staff education for Baby Friendly Hospital Initiative (BFHI)
  • Consulting & guidance for BFHI implementation

For further information please contact Dr. Barb

Education Topics

Kangaroo Care
  • State of the Science
  • Physiology
  • Newborns social and behavioral development
  • The importance of touch
  • Infection protection

  • New understandings of breast anatomy, development and milk synthesis
  • Clarifying the prolactin receptor theory
  • Primitive neonatal reflexes an early breast feeding initiation
  • The breastfeeding mandate
  • Importance of Birth Kangaroo Care for breastfeeding initiation, duration & exclusivity

 Re-visioning Postpartum Care: New Considerations

  • Creating a breastfeeding friendly environment
  • Interruptions to the breastfeeding dyad - Are they a problem?
  • Enhancing maternal confidence & competence by discharge
  • Mothers' physiological & ecological needs during the postpartum
  • Attachment & bonding. What's really happening?


  • Understanding the language of the newborn
  • The optimal newborn habitat
  • Getting brain development off to a good start
  • Paradigms of care: To separate or not to separate
  • Social and behavioral development
  • Developmental care for full term infants
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